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You Are Here

Isn’t it strange?
Far away,
And still wondering,
Why I feel you’re here?

This place is unfamiliar,
Negativity all around
And still wondering,
Why I feel you’re here?

I dress up,
I dress down,
All for you.

Miles apart,
Hearts apart,
And still wondering,
Why I feel you’re here?

My decisions,
My emotions,
Are all bound to you.

This face lits up,
With a single thought of you.
And still wondering,
Why I feel you’re here?

These tears wash away,
The bitter words we said,
But will never wipe out,
The distance,
That has set into our lives.

I breathe,
You’re nowhere.
But still wondering,
Why I feel you’re here?  ❤



H ❤



Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

38 thoughts on “You Are Here

  1. Somehow your last lines say,

    “जबकि मुझे ये खबर है,
    तुम नहीं हो, कहीं नहीं हो.
    मगर दिल ये कहता है,
    तुम यहीं हो, यहीं कहीं हो.”

    Romance and love poetry is your forte. Keep flowing.

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  2. Bright eyes dig up a question from generations ago:
    You want to know why the wind blew us
    Together, how our sons will grow, when we will
    Meet again, where will we be as one again?
    Training gives you the desire to examine cause and
    Effect. Experiences about as wide apart as possible
    Come at us, yet we harmonize, learn each other’s secrets,
    Give what we know the other will love, provide
    Sanctuary in a world spinning out of control for so
    Many. This I offer to distinguish myself from regular
    Men, be they handsome or young: a complete heart
    With continued support, undying gratitude, massage
    Therapy, attempts at cooking, quite a way with words.
    I expect you to smile when we chat, remain a solid
    Force, a muse for my art, the reason I will always
    Yearn for more, forever the target of happy life,
    Memories (plans?) and a fresh heart, made whole
    By the time we spent sincerely swirled, sufficiently
    Molded to continually receive jolts of good news,
    Connected forever by this love, complex, alive, strong.


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