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The Happiest Day In Bangalore!!

It’s almost been one week since I’m getting this feeling that my mum and my brother will come to Bangalore and surprise me. I used to peek outside of the door and just imagine that they’re here. Then, this Saturday I fell sick. Like REALLY sick! My mum called and I had a spat with her. After one hour, my dad called me to tell that they’ve booked three tickets and they’ll be in Bangalore on the 23rd of December…!!! My first reaction was an emotional outburst. I have survived without mum for one complete month!!

Though, they were coming, I used to cry in the class. I dunno why, I wanted 23rd to arrive ASAP!! And today, my mum was actually in front of my eyes.. I hugged her… After one full month!! She is the most precious gift of mine. And living without her by my side was getting extremely torturous, to say the least..

My dad was there. Hugging me tightly. What more can I say? In between the torturous classes, I would always feel sleepy. It reminded me of the road trips, the four of us went on; me, mum, dad and my brother. Mum and I would always sit on the back seat and I would lay my head on her lap throughout the whole journey.. I missed that feeling.. I missed getting a hug from my dad and my brother. I wanted someone to hug me.. And today, my very own family was here to hug me.. The best feeling!!!

Nowadays, whenever I look at my old pictures, I look at myself as a princess, because that’s how these three people have treated me always. I wasn’t allowed to even pick up a pin, let alone anything else. Whatever I wanted, I was given at that moment only. I would go anywhere I wanted to, without informing anybody. I dunno if I’ll ever get a chance to live that life again…

But, I’m gonna be with my mum for the next one week. That’s like a reward!! I still remember the last time I saw her; I was inside of the Indira Gandhi Airport and she was standing outside. There was just a glass between us.. My dad was busy checking-in, whereas, I was just looking at her and crying profusely. If you would ask me, the next thing essential for me after breathing is my mum.. When the plane took off, my mum had reached the New Delhi railway station and I was so bloody emotional because I knew that this plane was taking me away from her… When it was gonna land on the Bangalore airport, I was wishing it not to land.. Because that plane gave me the feeling that I’m with my mum..

But that’s all in the past now.. She’s here. Here with me.. Here, everybody’s like, “Dude, look at that gal” or “Dude, look at that guy”. And I’m like, “My mum didn’t call me up in the morning!!”. She’s my everything.. EVERY DAMN THING!!!



H ❤



Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

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