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The Power In You!

“You wear too much makeup!”. “You always wear these twisted updos. How much time do you take to get ready?”. “What does she know about politics?”.

Well, these are some of the comments I come across, daily. There was a point in the past (recent past) where I thought of myself as a snob! I was perceived as this overly-dressed, vain girl, who was least bothered about anything else, but her. And of course, I started questioning myself.

I questioned the way I was looking at how my life will work out. I was questioning at my ideals. I was questioning at my goals, which I was proud of! This whole negativity totally changed my optimistic, lovable self to a weak, intimidated girl.

But then life is a but a roller-coaster! Right? My ideals of love and gratitude were there in my heart, but now it was time to be pragmatic. These testing times gave me a golden opportunity to explore the power of LOVE!

There are some people who are sent into our life to redefine our focus. And I came across that person. She not only praised what other people questioned, but also gave me an assurance that there is nothing wrong in being unique.

Unique. Hmm. What does being unique mean to all of us? We all are so busy in being like others that we totally neglect the need to enhance our natural powers. What if Sachin Tendulkar would’ve thought to suppress his love for cricket, seeing other kids his own age didn’t like it? What if Mahatma Gandhi kept mum about the intolerant behaviour of the Britishers in South Africa? What if Newton thought of it to be just another natural phenomenon, when a huge apple fell on him?!!

You are unique! I am unique! We all are unique! And ain’t nobody got the powers to change that, except you! So, please, kindly stop pushing yourself to that level of suppression where you lose your own true self! Explore your powers! Make yourself acquainted with your true self! Many will LOVE you for who you are. Many will even HATE you. But that is not the point. The point is, how you make yourself happy! And how you make yourself happy is in your own effin hands! Do not let any damn effin person take away your glitter. Rise and shine, my love ❀ Make this world a little brighter ❀



H ❀



Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

11 thoughts on “The Power In You!

  1. Twisted updos! That’s something, would have tried if I were a girl. Many under-dressed, politics-freak, self-proclaimed genius like me keep strolling around, one who believes in him/her are true winner. Well said hasmeet!


  2. So many broken children are living in grown bodies mimicking an adult life . So, at least it’s better to love yourself and live an actual life.


  3. The Power in you has that meaning to make you happy when you write and expressing has that power to make others knowing more about you by bringing happiness πŸ™‚
    Keeping writing and expressing yourself πŸ™‚


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