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A Caged Bird

Towering walls,
And I feel caged.

Heart is bound,
Nowhere to be found,
And I feel caged.

I look out of the window,
See a pigeon flying,
Leaves on the tree fluttering,
But, when I look inside,
I realise the emptiness,
Of this jail.
Mind and heart,
Not side by side,
I feel caged.

On the roads,
I see cars,
Families going on trips.
Hatred, jealousy all around.
Trust has lost its meaning.
Puppets of this cruel world,
Brutalising each other’s minds.
I feel caged.

Am I the last one to realise,
That this world is all fake?
Love and gratitude,
Are just two words in the dictionary.
Heart is losing passion.
I feel helpless.
Save me!!
Kindly save me!
I feel utterly caged!

Did I make the right choice?
Why did I rejoice?
When I chose to go by,
The way I had let go,
Years ago.
Am I the one to be blamed?
Do my reasons sound lame?
Is it what I desired?
No! I obliged to my sire.

They keep shouting,
And hounding,
And I think of the pigeon,
Who would have flown,
To wherever it wanted to.
And who am I?
A caged bird,
Waiting for freedom..



H ❀



Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

13 thoughts on “A Caged Bird

      1. You are very welcome. I admit I feel helpless at times reading your works. Sometimes we make our own cages but most often they are made around us by others. My own writings can also focus on fears and other negative or depressing topics, but when I read this I wanted to 1) give you a big hug and 2) bust you out of the cage(s) you feel surround you. One day I hope both will happen!


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