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Silence Of The Seas

She looked around. An eerie silence. How can it be so quiet on the inside, when on the outside it is so full of confusion? The time when it was all colourful, her heart was as bright as the Sun. She could feel the wind touching her hair. Her cheeks went red thinking of the unthinkable. It has been almost two years now. She is still in the same place, mentally. Her heart still longs for the unthinkable. She is a lunatic. That’s what the world perceives. She is in love. That is the soul truth! How she can come out of it? Is it possible? Is it possible to get cured of an inborn disease? Is it possible to extinguish the volcanic lava? Is it possible to let go of the only hope in life? Isn’t it an absolute stupid thing to ask for? His words are seldom sweet, seldom bitter. But it is in his words her breath lies. So, how does it matter what is in his heart? He is her heart. That is what matters the most! Let this world be the cruelest place. Let people torture her. She is content with the thoughts of him. Her survival is not in the hands of this World, its norms, its rules. It is purely concentrated on her own willpower. And he is her willpower. She is a warrior, even in this eerie silence. She looks around. It is he, only he all around.





Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

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