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O Dear Khaled!

O Dear Khaled!
What have you done?
The far off land,
Seems like a fairy world.

And the markets.
Hazara boys and girls,
How can I forget?

The stories of gins,
Or the Kite flying.
You remind me of a time,
That will never come by.

You broke my heart,
With the tales of broken hearts.
But you gave me hope,
With the transformation of Amir Jan!

Miriam enlightened my soul,
That women are shackled in a hole.
Laila was the proof
You can’t contain us under a roof!

You taught me loyality,
When a Hazara died for his master.
You taught me the ultimate truth
When Baba Jan spoke of stealing as the biggest brute!

Take me to that mountain,
Where stands a lone pomegranate tree.
It is not about Paris, California or Kabul.
It is about how a soul sets itself free!

The Kite Runner,
Runs for the love of Amir Jan.
But salvation was achieved,
When Amir opened his own arms!

A thousand splendid suns,
Your heart is pure, Khaled.
And the mountains echoed,
Forever grateful for your these three epics ❤



H ❤



Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

9 thoughts on “O Dear Khaled!

  1. This is a beautiful tribute, and all the more, I connected with it. Ah, a thousand splendid suns is one of the books which still haunts me emotionally, haven’t been able to read another of his books after that.


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