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I am Waiting – “The Hindu”


There is one small but very very special and important memory of few days back which I wanted share here and express myself 🙂

On 22nd Jan, her last day before she flew back to her home town “Ludhiana I wanted to seat with her for the whole day and yes that Happened which I am missing from last 1 week 🙂 It was as usual one of our lecture from all the subjects in which she came out from our group and joined my group and I was really happy at that time, and so this time also, she sat with me in my group 🙂 I used to sleep and get bored as she also used to be in that lecture in her group but from the day we started together in the group, and specially on that day, that lecture, we both don’t know how it went…

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Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

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