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Miles Apart, Yet Hearts Glued ❤

I wrote it on October 15, 2015 when my best friend got married (a day before).

I was reading Mrs Funnybones, lying on my bed this afternoon. I looked up and realized that my best friend doesn’t live ‘a minute away’ from my home, anymore…

Lemme tell you a story..

Exactly 10 years ago, and I am saying exactly because it was around October, I met a girl at Narang sir’s tuition. Her name was Manisha. We didn’t talk because we weren’t allowed to (test series month!). But, we did have a little chit-chat there.

The next year I got admission in her school. She was in Medical and I opted for Non-Medical. But we again met, coincidentally at Narang sir’s tuition. This time, never to part again :’)

Our friendship started like any other normal friendship would. Nothing too dramatic, nothing too emotional. And in no time, we were almost inseparable. We confided in each other for strength. We knew each other’s weaknesses. It was almost as if it was meant to be.

When normal people prepare for their +2 board exams, they study. We used to meet at her home and gossip about anything and everything, incessantly. I still remember when I had my first tea. It was at her home. Aunty made tea (sort of, with no water basically), and I was addicted to it for almost two years.

I knew I could cry in front of her without being judged. She knew she could be herself in front of me without being judged. She is that kind of a girl who will make you feel happy in just a second. Full of confidence. Full of life. Never gave a damn about anybody. Did what she wanted.

I still remember when I got admission in Ludhiana and she was moving to Phagwara for her graduation. I was in splits. I didn’t know how to move on with my life without she being at my side. When it was her last day in Ludhiana, I went to meet her. I was really emotional. All I could think was that I wouldn’t be able to meet her everyday. I was coming back to my college, despair over what’s next; my mind was preoccupied with these thoughts when BANG! I met with an accident. My head was bleeding. Lacerations all over my left arm.. I was driving without any attention on road.

It was not a good time. I am a very possessive friend. But obviously every relation goes through some changes and so did ours. And then came weird fights. Well, I would not call them fights because she never said anything and I was always too annoyed to say anything.

But we always found our way back. Mostly, she 🙂 She would always text me or call me first.

I had a difficult time at my engineering college. She would drive me to my college and then pick me up 🙂 It was the best time!!

And then I met some new people in my new college. I was busy in my life. She was busy too. Basically, LIFE HAPPENED!

One night we were chatting over phone when she told me that her family was moving just a street away from my home!!! It was it!! A whole new beginning!

Since then we’ve been GLUED to each other.

You know what Manisha, I don’t know

  • Who will take me to the salon to get a haircut.
  • Who will take me to Asiana.
  • Who will study with me.
  • Who will gossip with me.
  • Who will go shopping for Diwali diyas and rangoli colors.
  • Who will come help me make rangoli at my place.
  • Who will click pictures of me.
  • Who will I go with to Vero Moda and Only.
  • Who will I watch YouTube videos with.
  • Who will I call when my Wi-Fi ain’t working.
  • Who will I show the stuff I buy online.
  • Who will I go with to Leisure valley for morning walks.
  • Who will come see me if I get admitted in the hospital again.
  • Who will discuss the latest fashion shows with me.
  • Who will sit beside me when I will be a trained driver.
  • Who will make fun of me in front of my brother.
  • Who will have my back in front of my parents.
  • Who will make me feel better when ‘certain people’ will try to bring me down.

I am literally clueless. It is this feeling of you not being here. Like, I always knew that she’s right here. I can go meet her anytime. She can come over anytime. But I have no idea when will we meet next. And that is what makes me cry.

Sometimes she’s almost intolerable. HONESTLY! But we are sisters, in spite of us being poles apart. I know my talks of politics and philanthropy bore her to death. If I am North, she is South.

PRESENT- I love you my babe 😘 Like just an eleven minutes call relieved me of the huge stress I was in this morning. I miss you to bits ❤




Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

10 thoughts on “Miles Apart, Yet Hearts Glued ❤

  1. Friendship are build to last forever. You’ve been amazing person when it comes to being best friend anyone can ask. Always know that you have 100 of ppl loving you each n everyday. Stay happy n keep smiling.


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