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Pakistan’s Obsession With Kashmir

#IAMBurhanWani #IndiaCantSee #LetKashmirDecide


“141 die in a brutal Peshawar massacre”

“Women students killed in a bombing in Quetta”

“Amjab Sabri shot dead in Karachi”

“Twin suicide bombings hit Peshawar church; 127 dead”


And many more headlines like these.


I am not a Pakistan hater. I sympathize each time some untoward incident happens and takes away the lives of innocent people (not Pakistanis, nor Muslims), but people, human beings to be precise.


And we are all aware how convoluted Pakistan politics is. Youth icon Imran Khan celebrates the failed coup attempt in Turkey and ‘encourages’ Pakistani people to welcome a coup in their country, too. A country which celebrated the handover of power from one democratically elected government to another in 2013 (though, reports came out that the elections were rigged), is being told to give up all of that. Bravo! We all know how dictatorship has ruined Pakistan. We all know how dictatorship has ruined nations across the world. But, yeah, Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaaf chief endorses that very ideology which has prevented Pakistan to flourish.


Male-chauvinists lambaste a girl who wanted to shun the norms set for women across the society and the result is her being brutally murdered by her brother. Though, I am glad that her death was mourned over by majority of Pakistanis. But accept it people, it is us who are responsible for her death.


I sometimes wonder what is so wrong with the ideology ‘westernization’? Aren’t there people living in the West too? Don’t they have any feelings? Are they all bad? Then what harm is it that when someone tries to embrace the western culture, he or she is shamed to such an extent that they lose all hope in their very own ‘cultured society’? Thank you people for inciting the murder of Qandeel Baloch.


Some retards think of it as an act of bravery to shoot innocent, unarmed schoolchildren in Peshawar. There is some utmost sense of satisfaction that these retards feel while carrying out such ghastly coward acts. Similar to it is the Quetta attack where these retards killed innocent women students just to prove that women are fit to be housewives. Well, they feel threatened of these brave women and hence, they decide to silence their burning hearts with suicide bombings.


Why am I picking on the worst in Pakistan when it is like my dreamland? Well, I’m sick and tired of Pakistan’s ‘utterly obnoxious obsession’ with Kashmir. I don’t say that India is a perfect country. I won’t justify it. And I’ve got my own political views. But, Pakistan has this peculiar habit of putting their nose in everything ‘bad’ that is happening in India. It’s like, they’ve got such strong views about us Indians as if we are some outsiders and they are the victims of all the ‘injustice’ taking place in India. And I don’t know when they will realize that Kashmir is a part of India. And no matter how much they like to endorse this view that India has forcefully held Kashmir, they will never be able to prove it.


There are people like Shah Faesal out there in Kashmir who are realizing that all this ‘Azadi’ game is futile. If you want a better life, you’ve got to go the traditional way- education and a good job. But no, the Pakistani propaganda is to cripple the Kashmiris and make martyrs out of several Burhan Wanis.


One armed Burhan Wani dies and Pakistan announces a Black Day. But what about those unarmed, innocents that die everyday in Pakistan? Well, Pakistan is an intelligent state. They’ve got an answer to every question I’ll put forth. The innocents that are dying each day inside the Pakistani territory is all India’s fault just like the ‘innocents’ like Burhan Wani dying in India is India’s fault.


It is high time that we all realize that there are two nations- India and Pakistan. Not a saint (Pakistan) which is always crying foul of a devil (India) forcefully holding its self-declared child (Kashmir). And it is time for us Indians to realize the same too. Let Pakistan be, what it is. But I guess the firing (virtual) won’t stop anytime soon. It pains me to see that even the youth, which were the only hope, are also die-hard enemies of the two states. Nobody really endorses peace. Because hate sells faster than love. Can you imagine Modi winning an election by talking all sugar-coated stuff for Pakistan? Same for Nawaz Sharif and the likes of Imran Khan?


Nobody is ready to accept this fact. We all go on and on strewing hate at each other as if we have looted and killed each other’s family members. We all have been blinded by these hate-strewing politicians. But no, it is too straight a fact to justify it all, isn’t it?


Aren’t Indian army-men braving the stone-pelters in Kashmir? The army-men who are one among us. Born in ordinary families like ours and trying to save innocent lives. How hard is it to believe this fact? No one in Pakistan cries and photoshops stupid pictures when Indian army-men die, and that too daily. Children become orphans when their brave fathers die fighting the terrorists in Kashmir. But no, it doesn’t really matter. Why? Out of my understanding…


So, I urge all Pakistanis to get over their obsession of Kashmir and their never-ending hate for India. It won’t budge us Indians to think any less of our Kashmiri brothers and sisters.


That’s all I gotta say.


Praying for my Kashmiri brothers and sisters.



H ❤ 

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9/11- How It Changed Everything

It was 14 years ago, that the United States of America and the world witnessed the most horrifying terrorist attack.

It was 14 years ago, that the world became aware of the atrocious and notorious Taliban regime and its head, Osama Bin Laden (OBL). 

It was 14 years ago, that the world saw the most cruel face of America.

It was 14 years ago, that the world changed, completely!

9/11 may have took place in the U.S., but the ripples of it were felt all over the world. Nobody was spared. The official estimate of the death toll is said to be around 3,000. But the collateral damage that took place in the aftermath of 9/11, is in the millions.

9/11 sends shivers down the spine; planes hijacked, crashed in the twin World Trade Towers in the New York skyline. Firefighters, army, police and anybody and everybody coming to the rescue of a few survivors of this highly-planned and ghastly attack by the Taliban.

Bush administration ordered the invasion of Afghanistan, a country which was recovering from the ruthless invasion by the Soviet Union and witnessing the rise of brutish Taliban regime who imposed strict Islamic laws. Afghans haven’t lived in peace since the seventies. And the next decade, after 9/11, was also devoid of peace.

The U.S. armed forces were sent to Afghanistan in the hunt of OBL. Whereas, it took ten years to find him, not in Afghanistan but Pakistan, the country paid for it, a lot. Drone attacks killed many innocent Afghans and the Taliban made sure that they never escape to lead a peaceful life. While both the warring parties, the U.S. and the Taliban, were completely engrossed in war, Afghans wanted to LIVE.

India, which was at loggerheads with the U.S. after its nuclear test in Pokhran, came under attack in 2001, when the Parliament was made target by the terrorists. The U.S., which till now, had faith in Pakistan, knew that it could trust India. Both terrorist attack victim countries, India and the U.S., came closer and are now strategic partners. In fact, Bush administration worked vehemently to improve ties with India and also signed the famous 2005 Nuclear Deal with the Manmohan Singh government.

Pakistan, which was overwhelmed with the huge influx of refugees from Afghanistan, was also affected by 9/11. The U.S. used Pakistan to attack the Afghan Taliban. But later, when the Taliban feared a complete wipe-out by America, migrated to Pakistan. The impact of it can be felt in the Swat valley and Peshawar, where the December 16 attack by Taliban shows just how powerful it is.

Iraq was also not spared. Its leader Saddam Hussein was hunted down when America invaded Iraq. Saddam Hussein was killed ultimately. But what happened next, is a big cause of worry for the world in 2015. The Sunni-led Saddam Hussein government was toppled by the Shias. The Sunnis of Iraq are the ones who have formed the most notorious and deadly terrorist group of 2015, ISIS.

Muslims all over the U.S. had to live in the constant fear of being tracked down and implicated for terrorism charges post 9/11. Racist attacks in the U.S. have increased tenfold, with Muslims and Sikhs being targeted frequently for the deeds of the Taliban.

9/11 was an unfortunate attack not only for the U.S., but also for the world, which is still coming to terms with the aftermath of it.