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To The Angel In Jannah

Your demeanor,

Your smile,

Your eyes,

And your heart’s might.

This world has seen all.

Beautiful Angel,

Rest in peace.


A child’s cry,

A dog’s whine.

Your heart saw pain,

And did best to rectify.


Our eyes are full.

Tears that won’t stop flowing.

What have you done, Angel?

Oh dear, Angel!

Left us in absolute abyss..


But you are a beacon,

A beacon of hope,

A beacon of love,

Who not only taught us,

But engraved in us,

The true meaning of humanity.


Up there, you will witness,

A miracle.

A miracle you gave birth to.

People loving people.

Parents loved by children.

Women flying high.

Sick, far away from dying.


You ignited this fire.

We will carry it forward.

Oh dear, Angel!

Thank you for being you.

The truest form of humanity.


Why do I feel,

A part of you in me?

Why do I feel,

You taking care of me?


These borders they created,

Are meaningless, my Angel.

You lived in a forbidden land,

But I feel you right here.


Mercy; you gave birth to this word.

Oh dear, Angel of Mercy.

Humanity, taught by many,

But it is you who personifies it.


What is happening in this world?

Dear Angel, show us a path,

To eliminate this hatred.

Humans killing humans.

Dear Angel, we need you…



You’ve done your part.

Done enough for us to realize,

That no one is an enemy.

Now it is up to us,

To love,

Love beyond the man-made ambit…


Thank you dear Angel,

You are my shining star..


P.S.– World after 8 July, 2016 is not the same. We’ve lost the greatest of great, the man who embraced humans as they are, irrespective of their identity as we know it, Abdul Sattar Edhi. Edhi sahib was what we can only dream of. For him, humans were his family. He knew love and hence, gave it exorbitantly. Animals were as dear to him as us, humans. He couldn’t see anyone in pain. From nothing, he built an empire; an empire of love, humanity and mercy. He was a father to millions. He fed millions. He, who defied all odds to serve the very purpose he was sent into this world. We all are sent into this world to help each other. So, let us all follow the path he showed us all. Defy all boundaries that we’ve constructed around us and give as much as we can. Anything that can comfort an ailing heart, give it. Comfort others. Love them. I think, that would be a real tribute to the greatest philanthropist of our time.


Forever in my heart.




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Halfway Through, But Nowhere..

A thrush,

After complete hibernation.

Halfway through,

But not going nowhere.


The promises,

the hopes and the dreams.

Faded away,

In the stream,

Of thoughts,

That caught,

My attention.


Making me lose,

My own little world.


Speed as fast,

As that of a light.

My thoughts,

Took over my life.



Is how I’ll describe.

My actions,

Made my life.


And, I knew,

The formula of losing,

By heart.

We, the ones fighting,

Gave birth to this art.


How? Procrastination.

And a severe dearth of,

A strong will,

And determination.


Halfway through this year,

And no way near,

To a world,

I vied for.

I have alas!

Lost my own war..




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Against The Tide!

They gleamed,

And laughed.

Thought I was defeated.

And celebrated my debacle,

Resembling the brute Germans,



I kept quiet,

Sunk in my thoughts;

“Am I a weakling?”,

“Should I bear injustice?”.


How can I forget,

That I revere Madiba,

Who was an icon of perseverance!


How can I forget,

He was a lone warrior.

Led the way to freedom,

By his ignited heart.


How can I forget,

He fought for 27 long years.

A silent war..

And in the end,

Defeated the evil legacy,

In their own game!


Can I not replicate,

The victory of truth over lie?

Can I not make them,

Vie for good times?


I will be responsible,

For all the (mental) deaths, 

by these brutes…

And I have to fight,

At my own risk.

I fear none.

Because what they hold,

Doesn’t scare me anymore!


They make us weak.

Threaten us.

But we bear it all.

All because we are scared.

But this fear arises out of ignorance.

Ignorance that,

No human can be told,

How to breathe.

So breathe,

And show them,

That their evil ideology,

Will not prevail.

And that,

Truth always wins!



H ❤

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That Forbidden Land

Does this bird fly,

High in the sky,

In that forbidden land?

I wonder…


Children go to school.

Their bags stacked with books.

Mothers make breakfast.

In that forbidden land.

I wonder?


Did she marry,

The man of her dreams?

Did she go out,

To pursue her dreams?

In that forbidden land,

I wonder?


Friends going on long drives.

Girls giggling in posh cafes.

Ladies gossiping on streets.

Does this happen for real?

In that forbidden land,

I wonder?


That forbidden land,

Have swathes of paddy fields.

Children sleeping on footpaths,

It also has a bunch of women,

Who set an example for humanity.


That forbidden land,

Have grandpas and grandmas,

Who tell bedtime stories,

To children just like ours.


Can I join them too?

Can I be a part of their dreams?

Can I not understand their feelings?

In that forbidden land,

I wonder…


Our history the same,

Our ancestors fought for the same cause.

But we fail to identify,

That our existence rests upon love.


We bicker and fight,

Trying to bring each other down.

For past sixty years, what have we reaped?

Come on, give me an answer?


Kids cry, wail and then laugh.

Kids, theirs and ours.

What difference is it,

That makes them our enemies?

In that forbidden land,

I wonder?


Heer is befuddled,

To which side she lost her lover?

Ranjha roams in every street,

Which world stole from him his Heer?


Put your hand on your heart.

And then think it through.

Would you like the same hate?

The abuse you shower at them?


What is their fault?

What did they do?

Because of a bunch of politicians,

Billions of us suffer.


Born in the same land.

Our problems, the same.

Then instead of sympathy,

Why so much of hatred?


We humans will bring Doomsday,

Soon, very soon.

Why don’t we then bring in love?

And let those wounds soothe?


That forbidden land,

The land we all belong to

That forbidden land,

Is waiting for you, too…





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Why Mothers Are Great

So, in general, every mother is great. We can’t compare. But obviously, I have a little bias towards my mother because of the fact she gives me the best advice!


Why this sudden show of affection towards her? Well, last night I was a little agitated because someone said something very rude to me. I was complaining to her. But she said, “I’m gonna WhatsApp you a video. You are always complaining to me about others, worrying they criticized you, blasted at you etc. Do watch it.” And after that, she hung up the call.


And within no time, my phone beeped. It was that video. When I started listening to it, a whole lot of emotions started filling up my heart. I wanted to hug my mother. She never talks of revenge or lashing out at others, who did wrong to me. She always advise me to forget it. To concentrate on MYSELF.


It was a video of some motivational speaker who talked about how we are being a hurdle in our pathway to success. How? By getting bothered about people who talked ill about us, by making that bad experience or memory rule our mind. He talked about how a rocket goes up in the air by leaving parts of it behind, which gives it the thrust to fly high. In the same way, we all need to do away with all the negativity in our lives. Just let it go. There’s no good in thinking over it again and again. Make yourself free of all the chains of negative energies in your life.


Recently, I took the step of eliminating some negative energies that ruled my mind. And believe me, my life has been a lot better. It was possible only because of my mother. She tells me that there’s no good in surrounding yourself with negative people. She never talked ill of those people. Even I don’t bother about them. Some people are like that way. If they are doing something you would expect them do with someone else, don’t be shocked when they do that to you, too 🙂


CONCENTRATE on yourself! She tells me to work hard on myself and leave how others behave or talk or dress or whatever. For her, I am the topmost priority. When I’m all enraged, she listens to me patiently, never utters a single negative word, then calms me with her best advice.


I will be a mess forever. And she will work to declutter that mess, FOREVER 🙂




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Out Of The Box

Well, again, there were a lot of negative energies all around me which were prohibiting me to write. Today, here in Bangalore, I feel good. It’s the first day here that I woke up, went to the washroom, and didn’t cry. A big achievement. I must say.

This place,


where I am sitting right now, is serene. My mind is calm. These coconut trees are refreshing, for a change. Bangalore isn’t a torture today, for a change 😊

What is this human mind? Human heart? Why does it get affected by change? Why moving on seems like a big task? I was literally pushed into the airport by my mum and brother because I was not willing to let go of my mum.. I still remember that moment. I felt safe.

But what fell afterwards upon me was, well, damaging. That’s the word I choose to go with. I was so excited to meet new people, to learn from them. But all I could see around me was diplomacy. And it shook my firm belief in optimism and love. The values of gratitude, love and peace that I had held on to tightly throughout my struggling period, seemed to wane..

But yesterday was the last day I gave myself to cry. Hence, I cried a lot.

But now, I feel peaceful.

I think the key is not to think of the past. The key is to immerse into the beautiful newness of the present.

I didn’t give any time to myself throughout these four days.

How important it is to spend time with oneself. A detox.

There is nothing like a strong heart. Our hearts should be understanding. I remember a quote- You can be the sweetest peach in the world, but there will always be someone who doesn’t like peaches 😊

BENGALURU, I’m ready for you 😊 ❤


H ❤

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Nobel Peace Prize Sham!


Just a second ago, I got this notification from the BBC that the Tunisian Democracy Group has won the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize. Well, congratulations.

Last year, when Malala and Kailash Satyarthi won the prize I was ecstatic and disappointed. Ecstatic for Kailash ji, and disappointed for Malala. Not because she is a Pakistani and I’m an Indian. I don’t think that way, just in case I haven’t made that clear in my previous blog posts. I had written about this subject about a year ago. You can check it here.

There is a man, Abdul Sattar Edhi from Karachi. If you don’t know him then I highly recommend reading the above mentioned post.

Is Nobel committee getting politicised each year?

Why hasn’t Edhi ji been awarded a Nobel Peace Prize? I’m not disappointed or angry because he SHOULD get it (which he should btw), but because he, inspite of all the sacrifices he has made throughout his lifetime and is still making (much bigger than Malala) and still people aren’t giving him any recognition!! Why??!!!

I have lost faith in the Nobel committee.  I have lost all faith in it…

Edhi ji, you are a saint. Even after getting neglected all these years, you are adamant on changing lives and serving humanity which no other human can ever imagine of..

You’re a saint..


H ❤

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Blogging And Criticism

I was in 8th standard when my mum went to my parent teacher meet. My class teacher, Harvinder sir, asked for my name (my mum went alone). When she told that she’s my mum, Harvinder said that oh! Hasmeet! She’s a very sensitive girl. It still resonates in my mind. It was hardly three months that I was attending his class, which constituted of 45-46 students, and he already knew that I was sensitive.

Now coming to the present moment. Frankly speaking, I have never faced any criticism. But something happened this week which prompted me to wanna delete my blog. But I didn’t. I thought it through. And hence, I didn’t. Someone, really close, someone in my family, said some of the harshest stuff about one of my blog post. And that is not all. The next day, another person from my family said even harsher things about that same blog post. I cried continuously for two days. SENSITIVE.

But, I confided in people I knew understood me better; My mum, my sister, my bhaiya (elder brother) and my best friend. And they calmed me down. (Yes! It takes a huge lot of people to calm me down!)

That day, I was introspecting. Am I not good at taking criticisms? The fact is that nobody ever criticised me before. And then this happened. I need to be strong. This is criticism.

But it wasn’t. It was not criticism. It was, what I would like to call, a Generation-gap.

Criticism should always be constructive. For e.g., your ideas were good, but you could’ve improved them with some real life examples. Or, I think you need to work on your vocabulary or your grammar. Or anything of that sorts which actually points out at the blogger’s weak points WITH THE AIM OF IMPROVISING IT.

Destructive criticism is when you howl harsh words with the aim of hurting the other person and not really with the intention of helping him/her improve. For e.g., you’re good for nothing! Nobody cares what you think or write!

One should always welcome constructive criticism because it is more worth than praise. It is coming from people who truly care for the stuff you put out on your blog and want to help you to improve it better. Destructive criticism is coming from people who are jealous of you or are just trying to degrade you ‘for the sake of fun’.

I know the people I can confide in. They tell me what I need to do to make my blog better. Always try to differentiate between the ones who really care about your work and the ones who are ‘nothing’!!