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Sorry Neighbor.


If I may,


I have been,

A devil in disguise.


Oh what ‘Aman ki Asha’?

What peace,

If I may ask?

My fellow countrymen,

A fallacy in which they bask..


I have killed love,


and every beautiful feeling.

I know hate,


And why would I even conceal it?


Forget about a country,

Forget about a state.

The street that I live in,

There are many people I hate.


I may,

If I want to,

Wear a mask of love.

But really I’m a villain,

Benevolence, I don’t speak of!


And why,

Why on earth will I be ashamed?

And critical of myself?

Aren’t we all in this together?

How well we repel!


And teaching hatred,

To our kids.

Doesn’t sound so filthy.

“He did first, then I did”,

We find it healthy!


And isn’t this,

What’s going on?

From the past 70 years?

Blaming each other and all of the rest,

“Uh! The mistake is THEIRS!”. (always)


There are widows on both sides,

Childless parents,

And also orphans.

But who cares to budge, my dear,

We are totally okay with coffins!



We do shed a tear or two,

Whenever a soldier dies.

But the martyr can’t be yours,

‘Cause otherwise we will rejoice!


A fake motherland,

I like to worship,

With all my heart.

But only for a day or two,

Rest of the days I’m a total pervert!


Bring on,

The next 70 years now,

Shall we?

The nations we both so love,

Let’s turn ’em into a debris!




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Pakistan Kills 2, India Kills 2…

I was going about with my morning routine; tea, breakfast and reading newspaper. Then I came across this picture which moved me to tears….

An innocent kid weeping incessantly over the mutiliated body of his father. The question isn’t here who did it. The question here is why? And for how long????!!! 
Pakistan kills 2, India kills 2. 
Children from both sides become orphans. Women from both sides become widows. Hostility grows. And for what? Only to satiate the egos of a few politicians? What personal enmity you and I have with Pakistan? Or what personal enmity does a kid or even an adult in Pakistan has with us? Nothing! 
But this killing is unstoppable. Blood is shed over and over again. We discuss this over and over again. But who listens? 
Hate has made us hopeless maniacs. We follow the herd and join the ‘I Hate Pakistan’ club. Without even knowing why it came into being. Without even knowing our follies. 
But how does that matter to this little kid now? He has lost his father forever. A father, for god’s sake! I can’t imagine in my dreams living without my father. I commit mistakes. I prance around proudly. Why? Because I know my father is there to protect me always. 
But this kid’s father was there to protect to us all. And he died. Mercilessly. 
We weep when an Indian soldier dies. But rejoice when a Pakistani soldiers dies. Why? Wasn’t he a father? Or a son? Didn’t he have any family that will mourn just like this little kid?  
How can we be so negligent towards the emotions of their families? Why can’t we all come together and stand firm on the face of the governments of both the countries that we don’t want violence. If you guys have a problem, then just stop talking. Why kill innocent people from both sides??? 
My heart pains… 
Love and respect,


The Distant Freedom

I met a boy,

Distressed beyond words,

Crying relentlessly,

His appearance was shabby.

It was my curiosity,

That led me to him.

“Why are you crying?

O! Little child?”

At first he was a bit startled.

Looked at me straight in the eyes.

Then a weak voice came out,

“Nothing… It’s nothing.”

Now that I observed him,


I couldn’t let him cry,


So, I gained a bit of courage,

To ask this weeping, innocent child,

The cause of his distress.

This time, 

He was less wary of me.

Somehow, we both connected.

A feeble voice struggled to say,

“Baba is beating maa..”

And there I was,


My hand on his shoulders,

I was speechless.

I was grappling with words.

What do I say?

How do I console?

How do I tell this little soul,

What his father is doing,

Is awry, beyond words..?

This guy lives a mile away,

From my neighborhood.

Fell in love,

With a damsel,

A heart that loved all.

People all around,


Love before marriage?

O! They were all embarrassed!!

Alas! Their love story,

Was short-lived.

Just like many,

We witness daily.

My friend had a dream,

To paint this world red,

The color of love.

She held her brush,

Dipped it in crimson pigment.

As soon as she took the brush out,

Her father held her hand,

Threw the brush away,

And placed a book there, instead.

She now lives a life,

In strife.

Disputes, her existence.

What was so wrong with the brush,


There’s a girl I see,

On the traffic signal, everyday.

Greets me with a huge smile,

And extends me a flower each time.

Wears a torn frock,

Always barefoot,

Hair gone blonde in the sun,

Skin, dry and broken…

I buy a rose from her,

For ten bucks,


I have bought a piece of bread for her.

And then we part ways,

Only to meet the next day.

I see, and I remain quiet.

I choose.

I choose to remain quiet.

Because I have the FREEDOM.


Domestic violence.

Well, I should remain in silence.

Two hearts,

Forced to be apart.

Sounds too amusing,

For a gossip to kickstart!

Dreams of youth,

Kept under wraps.

This word ‘freedom’ that they taught us,

Well, it was just a trap!

Children asking for money,

On the streets.

O! Poor thing.

I may as well give.

But taxes?

Eh! How can I give it a miss?

Freedom has come down to,

Being a relative word.

For some,

It is a right.

To some,

It doesn’t come,

Even after a fair fight.

Only those celebrate it,

Who overlook its true meaning.

For the real thing is,

Freedom has never been ours…


P.S.- Be it Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad or Jawaharlal Nehru; we Indians have always loved our country. Since past 70 years, we are celebrating what has gone by and keeping our eyes shut to what is happening. Winning our country back from the Britishers was not freedom. Doing anything that doesn’t harm anybody is freedom. And I’m sorry to say, that freedom has not arrived yet. So, why not work towards it? Why not work to make our beloved country an ideal country? Let’s leave all the apprehensions behind. Let’s unite in uniting this country towards the cause of love; love that has shaken the very being of the strongest of hatred prevailing in this world. For, we live only once and let’s unite to make this one life worth living 🙂


Happy independence day, my fellow Indians 🙂




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Pakistan’s Obsession With Kashmir

#IAMBurhanWani #IndiaCantSee #LetKashmirDecide


“141 die in a brutal Peshawar massacre”

“Women students killed in a bombing in Quetta”

“Amjab Sabri shot dead in Karachi”

“Twin suicide bombings hit Peshawar church; 127 dead”


And many more headlines like these.


I am not a Pakistan hater. I sympathize each time some untoward incident happens and takes away the lives of innocent people (not Pakistanis, nor Muslims), but people, human beings to be precise.


And we are all aware how convoluted Pakistan politics is. Youth icon Imran Khan celebrates the failed coup attempt in Turkey and ‘encourages’ Pakistani people to welcome a coup in their country, too. A country which celebrated the handover of power from one democratically elected government to another in 2013 (though, reports came out that the elections were rigged), is being told to give up all of that. Bravo! We all know how dictatorship has ruined Pakistan. We all know how dictatorship has ruined nations across the world. But, yeah, Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaaf chief endorses that very ideology which has prevented Pakistan to flourish.


Male-chauvinists lambaste a girl who wanted to shun the norms set for women across the society and the result is her being brutally murdered by her brother. Though, I am glad that her death was mourned over by majority of Pakistanis. But accept it people, it is us who are responsible for her death.


I sometimes wonder what is so wrong with the ideology ‘westernization’? Aren’t there people living in the West too? Don’t they have any feelings? Are they all bad? Then what harm is it that when someone tries to embrace the western culture, he or she is shamed to such an extent that they lose all hope in their very own ‘cultured society’? Thank you people for inciting the murder of Qandeel Baloch.


Some retards think of it as an act of bravery to shoot innocent, unarmed schoolchildren in Peshawar. There is some utmost sense of satisfaction that these retards feel while carrying out such ghastly coward acts. Similar to it is the Quetta attack where these retards killed innocent women students just to prove that women are fit to be housewives. Well, they feel threatened of these brave women and hence, they decide to silence their burning hearts with suicide bombings.


Why am I picking on the worst in Pakistan when it is like my dreamland? Well, I’m sick and tired of Pakistan’s ‘utterly obnoxious obsession’ with Kashmir. I don’t say that India is a perfect country. I won’t justify it. And I’ve got my own political views. But, Pakistan has this peculiar habit of putting their nose in everything ‘bad’ that is happening in India. It’s like, they’ve got such strong views about us Indians as if we are some outsiders and they are the victims of all the ‘injustice’ taking place in India. And I don’t know when they will realize that Kashmir is a part of India. And no matter how much they like to endorse this view that India has forcefully held Kashmir, they will never be able to prove it.


There are people like Shah Faesal out there in Kashmir who are realizing that all this ‘Azadi’ game is futile. If you want a better life, you’ve got to go the traditional way- education and a good job. But no, the Pakistani propaganda is to cripple the Kashmiris and make martyrs out of several Burhan Wanis.


One armed Burhan Wani dies and Pakistan announces a Black Day. But what about those unarmed, innocents that die everyday in Pakistan? Well, Pakistan is an intelligent state. They’ve got an answer to every question I’ll put forth. The innocents that are dying each day inside the Pakistani territory is all India’s fault just like the ‘innocents’ like Burhan Wani dying in India is India’s fault.


It is high time that we all realize that there are two nations- India and Pakistan. Not a saint (Pakistan) which is always crying foul of a devil (India) forcefully holding its self-declared child (Kashmir). And it is time for us Indians to realize the same too. Let Pakistan be, what it is. But I guess the firing (virtual) won’t stop anytime soon. It pains me to see that even the youth, which were the only hope, are also die-hard enemies of the two states. Nobody really endorses peace. Because hate sells faster than love. Can you imagine Modi winning an election by talking all sugar-coated stuff for Pakistan? Same for Nawaz Sharif and the likes of Imran Khan?


Nobody is ready to accept this fact. We all go on and on strewing hate at each other as if we have looted and killed each other’s family members. We all have been blinded by these hate-strewing politicians. But no, it is too straight a fact to justify it all, isn’t it?


Aren’t Indian army-men braving the stone-pelters in Kashmir? The army-men who are one among us. Born in ordinary families like ours and trying to save innocent lives. How hard is it to believe this fact? No one in Pakistan cries and photoshops stupid pictures when Indian army-men die, and that too daily. Children become orphans when their brave fathers die fighting the terrorists in Kashmir. But no, it doesn’t really matter. Why? Out of my understanding…


So, I urge all Pakistanis to get over their obsession of Kashmir and their never-ending hate for India. It won’t budge us Indians to think any less of our Kashmiri brothers and sisters.


That’s all I gotta say.


Praying for my Kashmiri brothers and sisters.



H ❤ 

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To The Angel In Jannah

Your demeanor,

Your smile,

Your eyes,

And your heart’s might.

This world has seen all.

Beautiful Angel,

Rest in peace.


A child’s cry,

A dog’s whine.

Your heart saw pain,

And did best to rectify.


Our eyes are full.

Tears that won’t stop flowing.

What have you done, Angel?

Oh dear, Angel!

Left us in absolute abyss..


But you are a beacon,

A beacon of hope,

A beacon of love,

Who not only taught us,

But engraved in us,

The true meaning of humanity.


Up there, you will witness,

A miracle.

A miracle you gave birth to.

People loving people.

Parents loved by children.

Women flying high.

Sick, far away from dying.


You ignited this fire.

We will carry it forward.

Oh dear, Angel!

Thank you for being you.

The truest form of humanity.


Why do I feel,

A part of you in me?

Why do I feel,

You taking care of me?


These borders they created,

Are meaningless, my Angel.

You lived in a forbidden land,

But I feel you right here.


Mercy; you gave birth to this word.

Oh dear, Angel of Mercy.

Humanity, taught by many,

But it is you who personifies it.


What is happening in this world?

Dear Angel, show us a path,

To eliminate this hatred.

Humans killing humans.

Dear Angel, we need you…



You’ve done your part.

Done enough for us to realize,

That no one is an enemy.

Now it is up to us,

To love,

Love beyond the man-made ambit…


Thank you dear Angel,

You are my shining star..


P.S.– World after 8 July, 2016 is not the same. We’ve lost the greatest of great, the man who embraced humans as they are, irrespective of their identity as we know it, Abdul Sattar Edhi. Edhi sahib was what we can only dream of. For him, humans were his family. He knew love and hence, gave it exorbitantly. Animals were as dear to him as us, humans. He couldn’t see anyone in pain. From nothing, he built an empire; an empire of love, humanity and mercy. He was a father to millions. He fed millions. He, who defied all odds to serve the very purpose he was sent into this world. We all are sent into this world to help each other. So, let us all follow the path he showed us all. Defy all boundaries that we’ve constructed around us and give as much as we can. Anything that can comfort an ailing heart, give it. Comfort others. Love them. I think, that would be a real tribute to the greatest philanthropist of our time.


Forever in my heart.




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That Forbidden Land

Does this bird fly,

High in the sky,

In that forbidden land?

I wonder…


Children go to school.

Their bags stacked with books.

Mothers make breakfast.

In that forbidden land.

I wonder?


Did she marry,

The man of her dreams?

Did she go out,

To pursue her dreams?

In that forbidden land,

I wonder?


Friends going on long drives.

Girls giggling in posh cafes.

Ladies gossiping on streets.

Does this happen for real?

In that forbidden land,

I wonder?


That forbidden land,

Have swathes of paddy fields.

Children sleeping on footpaths,

It also has a bunch of women,

Who set an example for humanity.


That forbidden land,

Have grandpas and grandmas,

Who tell bedtime stories,

To children just like ours.


Can I join them too?

Can I be a part of their dreams?

Can I not understand their feelings?

In that forbidden land,

I wonder…


Our history the same,

Our ancestors fought for the same cause.

But we fail to identify,

That our existence rests upon love.


We bicker and fight,

Trying to bring each other down.

For past sixty years, what have we reaped?

Come on, give me an answer?


Kids cry, wail and then laugh.

Kids, theirs and ours.

What difference is it,

That makes them our enemies?

In that forbidden land,

I wonder?


Heer is befuddled,

To which side she lost her lover?

Ranjha roams in every street,

Which world stole from him his Heer?


Put your hand on your heart.

And then think it through.

Would you like the same hate?

The abuse you shower at them?


What is their fault?

What did they do?

Because of a bunch of politicians,

Billions of us suffer.


Born in the same land.

Our problems, the same.

Then instead of sympathy,

Why so much of hatred?


We humans will bring Doomsday,

Soon, very soon.

Why don’t we then bring in love?

And let those wounds soothe?


That forbidden land,

The land we all belong to

That forbidden land,

Is waiting for you, too…





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The Bleeding, Burning, Weeping Punjab

Ajj Aakhan Waris Shah Nuu,
Kiton Qabraan Wichon Bol,
Tey Ajj Kitaab-e-Ishq Daa,
Koi Agla Warka Phol

Ikk Royi Sii Dhi Punjab Di,
Tu Likh Likh Maarey Wain,
Ajj Lakhaan Dhiyan Rondiyan,
Tenu Waris Shah Nuu Kain

Uthh Dard-Mandaan Diya Dardiya,
Utth Tak Apna Punjab
Ajj Bailey Lashaan Bichiyaan
Tey Lahoo Di Bhari Chenab

(Today, I call Waris Shah,
“Speak from inside your grave”
And turn, today,
the book of love’s next affectionate page

Once, one daughter of Punjab cried;
you wrote a wailing saga
Today, a million daughters,
cry to you, Waris Shah

Rise! O’ narrator of the grieving;
rise! look at your Punjab
Today, fields are lined with corpses,
and blood fills the Chenab)

This poem by legendary Punjabi poetess Amrita Pritam truly resonates the sentiments of those affected by the 1947 partition of Punjab.


Punjab, the land of five rivers, has endured a lot.. The land which gave us many great personalities; ten Gurus of Sikhism, legendary poets like Waris Shah, Bulleh Shah, Baba Farid, Shiv Kumar Batalvi and Amrita Pritam, great warriors like Maharaja Ranjit Singh, freedom fighters like Shaheed Bhagat Singh and Shaheed Sukhdev Thapar and great leaders like Dr. Manmohan Singh, has never slept in peace.

We all know about the atrocities of the Mughal emperors who tortured and killed non-Muslims. Punjab was the worst affected. Then, Maharaja Ranjit Singh braved the British armies and made it difficult for them to invade this great land. But, when Punjab fell into the hands of the Britishers, after the demise of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, more brave men took birth to save their motherland. At a time, when the people of India had deep faith in the ideologies of Mahatama Gandhi, a new ideology was shaping in Lyallpur, Punjab. With the rise of Bhagat Singh, the Britishers had no other solution but to hang him. Bhagat Singh was martyred, but his ideologies hold true and are still alive in the hearts of every human.

At one point of time, the Britishers feared that Gandhi‘s popularity was overtaken by that of Bhagat Singh‘s. Bhagat Singh‘s ideology portrayed the real problems faced by the people of the pre-Independence era.

That said, the next big change for Punjab came in 1947..

Labor Party had won the elections in England. Lord Mountbatten, the great-grandson of Queen Victoria, was chosen as the last Viceroy of India. He came with his wife and daughter and lived in the Viceroy House in Delhi. With the tensions between the Congress Party, headed by Nehru, and the Muslim League, headed by Jinnah, rising, a situation of riots became more evident. Lord Mountbatten knew that he would not be able to control the Hindu-Muslim riots. Jinnah was demanding a separate state for the Muslims. Nehru wanted a united India. Mountbatten was worried at the grim situation in Bengal, and then the riots broke.. Almost 5,000 people died in the Bengal riots, just before partition. Mountbatten sent Gandhi to control the mob and pacify them. But it seemed like even the Mahatama could not control the disaster that was unfolding in Bengal.

In the West, Central Punjab, where Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims had lived like families for centuries, now held grudges against each other. Mountbatten sent an army of 60,000 to Punjab, hoping that he will control the situation. But we all know how that turned out..


Independence for India was to come in June, 1948. But because of the grim situation heralding, Mountbatten preponed it and decided to hand over the reigns of the ‘two’ countries to their new leaders , in August, 1947. What would have taken 18 months, took just 3 months, because Mountbatten was too fearful to be responsible for the killings that would take place because of the partition..

Sir Cyril Radcliffe was flown in from England to draw the lines on the map of India. The man who had never in his life, set foot on this great land, held the fate of over 88 million people. He started the work in June, 1947, and the Radcliffe line, as it is known now, was released on 17 August, 1947.

It was decided that the total wealth of the government offices will be divided between India and Pakistan, with 80% of the share in India’s hands and 20% of it in Pakistan’s. Property dispute was easier to resolve and everything was divided in the end. But what became a difficult task was the division of people…

On 7 August, Jinnah left his Delhi home and flew to Karachi, bidding adieu to India, forever..

On 14th of August, 1947, Lord Mountbatten flew to Karachi to celebrate the Independence of newly formed Islamic Republic of Pakistan. On the night of 14th August, Delhi was drenched in rain. Despite of this, hundreds of people braved the rain and came to the Constituent Assembly, Delhi, where at the struck of 12 a.m., Nehru took the oath as the first Prime Minister of India.

While Karachi and Delhi were busy in the celebrations of a long fought battle for freedom, Central Punjab was burning.. Yes, on 15th of August, 1947, freedom came. But it was the freedom to loot, the freedom to burn, the freedom to rape, the freedom to murder…


Around 4.5 million Hindus and Sikhs came to India and around 6 million Muslims went to Pakistan between August 1947 and March 1948. But the harsh reality remains, that more than 1 million innocent Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims were butchered in cold blood.

It was a mayhem.. Punjab was, once again, the worst affected.

“Freedom is for the educated people who fought for it. We were slaves of the English, now we will be slaves of the educated Indians—or the Pakistanis.”- Khushwant Singh, Train to Pakistan.

It is true that the British lost their biggest asset, India. But Punjabis lost a lot more. They lost their everything; their land, their cattle, their houses, their families, their friends, their business, their lives…


“…People were killing their own women. My father took a sword and beheaded my elder sister, Maan Kaur, in front of my eyes. On the upper floor, I could hear my uncles beheading my aunts. None of the women and girls resisted..”– A Sikh refugee from Pakistan..


“…They cut my father’s body in a hundred pieces. I saw them throwing children into fire. My mother hid me under the dead bodies..”– A young refugee..

The partition of a country is just as painful as the partition of a home. When two brothers divide their father’s home into two parts, both the father and the mother cry.. It was, thus eventual, that the Punjabis mourned this partition..

Who is to blame? Jinnah? Nehru? Gandhi? Mountbatten? Who?

When ties between Jinnah and the Congress party severed, he left India and went to live in London. One night he heard a group of Muslim boys talking about that India should be divided into two parts- India and Pakistan. PAKISTAN. ‘P‘ from Punjab, ‘A‘ from Afghania, ‘K‘ from Kashmir, ‘S‘ from Sindh and ‘TAN‘ from Balochistan. That is how the name Pakistan was minted. But to their surprise, Jinnah rebuked those boys, saying that there was only one good thing the Britishers did in India, and it was to unite the whole country, and they wanted to do away with it? Yes, Jinnah was never a separatist.

But when he returned to India, and joined the Muslim League, Jinnah came to know the reality of Indian Muslims…

“..They (Hindus) wouldn’t let us drink water from the same tap. They would attach a pipe from the tap and tell us to drink water from the other end of the pipe..”– recounts a Muslim refugee of Pakistan..

“..Our mother never allowed us to take meals with our Muslim friends..”– says a Hindu refugee of India..

Once, Jinnah was asked by a group of schoolchildren that why was he pressing for the formation of Pakistan? Why didn’t he want unity? Jinnah went quiet for a while. The kids thought that he didn’t have any answer. Then Jinnah took a glass of water and drank half of it. He then offered the same to the Hindu children. They REFUSED to drink it. He then offered the same to the Muslim children and they drank it. Jinnah replied, “This is why.”.

Punjab Rivers

The land of five rivers was brutally ripped apart. The land where iconic love stories of Heer-Ranjha, Soni-Mahiwal, Laila-Majnu and Mirza-Sahiba, fostered, has forgotten the meaning of love itself.  Punjab has never been at peace since…

Ajj Sabhey ‘Qaido’ Ban Gaye,
Husn Ishq Dey Chor
Ajj Kithon Liyaiye Labh Ke
Waris Shah Ikk Hor…

(Today everyone is, ‘Qaido’
thieves of beauty and ardor
Where can we find, today,
another Warish Shah, once more)

H ❤

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Know Your Neighbor | Pakistan

“BREAKING- Pakistan violates ceasefire in J&K!!” (A Facebook post by some random Indian news channel)

And then starts a saga of obscene comments on either sides of the border..

What does Pakistan mean to you? What is Pakistan for you? What is the first word that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Pakistan’?

Okay. I’ll go first. Don’t judge me. The first word that comes to my mind when I hear the word ‘Pakistan’ is LOVE. There’s this happy feeling and it’s like my heart is tingling. Pakistan, for me, is like a forbidden fruit. It’s like a fantasy land.

Since childhood, Pakistan has fascinated me like no other country. I’ve always wanted to know more about this country. I’ve always wanted to get acquainted with my neighboring country. Even if an Indian child has no idea about any country in this world, he/she will have very strong views about Pakistan. Pakistan, irrespective of the lifestyle, background, religion etc. of the Indians, holds a very special place in our hearts; negative or positive, depends.

Indians have grown up with the knowledge of Pakistan through the media, because obviously the travel is restricted. And, unfortunately, all we hear about is different terrorist groups operating on the Pakistani soil, bomb blasts, Pakistani politicians demeaning India, etc.

I’ve always thought of Pakistan as a country where nobody is safe. Often I hear about advocates, diplomats, human rights activists and politicians being brutally murdered. I remember when Benazir Bhutto returned to Pakistan, I thought of her as an idiot to come back to a very unsafe country. One of our neighbors came running to our home and broke the news of her death in an election rally. This is how massive Pakistan is for the Indians.

Agree with me or not, but Internet is a very powerful tool. So I took to YouTube in the hope of changing my perspective about this country. And I wasn’t disappointed. I watched vlogs, hundreds of them. The one vlogger, Lord Aleem, who resides in the United Kingdom started the ‘My Motherland’ series with a mission to show the world that Pakistan isn’t what media portrays it. And he has succeeded. Through his vlogs I found Pakistan to be just as normal as India. I saw cities like Gujranwala, Lahore, Islamabad and also places like Mirpur, Kaghan valley, etc. Pakistan is gorgeous!

So, now I’m on a mission to show you how beautiful our neighbor is!


  1. World’s 2nd largest Muslim nation
  2. 28th May, 1998, became the 1st Islamic nation and 7th country in the world to attain nuclear power
  3. 3rd largest English-speaking population in the world.
  4. 7th largest standing armed force.
  5. 8th largest wheat producer.
  6. 5th largest gold mines.
  7. 7th largest pool of scientists and engineers.
  8. 2nd largest salt mines in Khewra which was discovered by Alexander’s troops in 320 B.C. Largest source of salt in the world.
  9. Highest paved international highway- Karakoram highway.
  10. World’s largest deep sea port- Gwadar.
  11. 2nd largest dam by volume and largest earth filled- Tarbela dam.Tarbela-Dam
  12. Oldest civilization- Indus Valley Civilization.
  13. World’s highest desert, cold desert- Skardu.
  14. Highest Polo ground- Shandur top, located in Gilgit, Pakistan. Called the ‘Roof of the World’ elevated at 12,200 ft. Gilgit and Chitral teams play polo match once a year.Shandur-Polo-Match-001
  15. World’s tallest vertical cliffs- Trango towers.
  16. Asia’s largest air base- PAF Masroor Base, Karachi.
  17. Longest Railway Gradient- Rohri to Quetta (20 tunnels, 368 bridges)rohri to quetta
  18. Shah Faisal Mosque, Islamabad can accommodate 100,000 worshipers at a time.

    Shah Faisal Mosque - Aerial View
    Shah Faisal Mosque – Aerial View
  19. Largest Irrigation Network- serves 14.4 million hectares of cultivated land. Fed by water from the Indus river.


  1. Thar desert

.thar desert

2.Himalayan Range and K-2.


3. Ranikot fort- World’s biggest fort.


4. 62 km long Baltoro glaciers- one of the longest glaciers outside the polar region.baltoro

5. Deosai Plateau, Shangrila.

deosai plateau

6. Kaghan valley.

kaghan valley

7. Katasraj temple.

katasraj temple

8. Hunza valley.

hunza valley

9. Mir Ali valley.

mir ali valley

10. Hingor National Park, Balochistan.


11. Banjosa lake, PoK.


12. Helmat village, Neelum valley.

helmat village

13. Nanga Parbat- Highest face of the mountain.

nanga parbat

14. Dudipatsar lake.

dudipatsar lakw

15. Mai Pir old cave civilization.

mai pir old civilization

16. Laila peak.

laila peak

17. Mansehra.


18. Lake Saif ul Malook, Naran.


19. Murree.


20. Rawal lake, Islamabad.

rawal lake


  1. Largest ambulance network run by the Edhi Foundtion. Abdul Sattar Edhi started the foundation in Karachi. Now it has branches in UK, USA, Canada, Japan and China.
  2. Sialkot is famous for making sports equipment. More than 50% of world’s footballs are made in Pakistan.
  3. Youngest Civil JudgeMuhammad Ilyas passed the exam enabling him to become a civil judge in July, 1952 at the age of 20 years and 9 months.
  4. World’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional- (Late) Arfa Karim.
  5. Parveen Saeed, owner of Khana Ghar, started her business to provide hot meals for 3 rupees to low income individuals.
  6. Mir Zafar Ali is an Oscar winner Movie Visual Effects Curator. Worked for Spiderman- 3, X-Men and The Mummy. Won Oscar in 2007 for the movie ‘The Golden Compass’.
  7. Shoaib Akhtar known as the Pindi Express. One of the fastest bowlers in the cricket history.
  8. Sahibzada Muhammad Shahid Khan Afridi, also known as Boom Boom Afridi is the only cricketer who slapped 400 sixes in the cricket history.
  9. Amir Khan, a UK boxer of Pakistani origin who has many records under his belt.

This isn’t all what Pakistan has to offer. Pakistan is rich in culture and tradition. And what else portrays it best than the fashion industry?

Now, I have made myself a promise that I’ll be a Sabyasachi bride and nobody else, but my trousseau will have all the Pakistani designers! Sabya is a class apart designer and I adore his work, but since I’ve discovered what Pakistani women wear, I stalk each and every Pakistani designer on Instagram! My love affair with Pakistani designers started when I accidentally discovered Zehra Saleem.


All you fashion enthusiasts in India, you may know that recently the Bridal week was going on and Sabya collaborated with the shoe-stalwart, Louboutin. If you watched the Gauri and Nainika bridal show, and went all crazy for the dreamy gowns, I may kill your fantasy. Zehra Saleem had already designed the same dresses earlier this year! So yeah, although Gauri and Nainika‘s couture show was to die for, it didn’t impress me much, knowing that I’ve already seen this stuff in Zehra‘s collection!


1.Hassan Shehryar Yasin, popularly known as HSY, is the Pakistani Sabyasachi! His designs are, what you call them, La shoriat!


2.Nomi Ansari will sue me if i don’t stop spamming his feeds on Instagram!Nomi-Ansari-Beautiful-Dresses-Collection-2014-15-For-Women

3.Sana Safinaz– This Pakistani duo is making waves with their traditional designs!Bridal-fashion-week-fall-2014

4.Elan fashion house which makes couture and ready-to-wear dresses is a perfect blend of modernism and tradition.


5.Ali Xeeshan– Boxer Amir Khan and his beautiful wife Faryal Makhdoom introduced me to this extraordinaire fashion designer who will blow your mind with his exquisite designs. Be it his structured lehengas or chic skirts, he has everything to offer.


6.Zara Shahjahan– The pleated dresses, the red carpet gowns, the pant-kurtas, the anarkalis and what not!!


7.Shehla Chatoor– When you talk big names in the Pakistani film industry, you talk about Shehla Chatoor.


8.Saira Rizwan– If you just Google her new bridal collection, you’ll know what she is!1-Saira-Rizwan-New-Bridal-Collection-2015-3

A great news is that you can actually shop the biggest fashion names of Pakistan in India! Pakistan Fashion Design Council has a store in New Delhi

M-4, South Extension, Part 2

New Delhi, 110049


All the big fashion designers- Elan, Fahad Hussayn, HSY, Layla Chatoor, Nickie and Nina, Libas, Umar Sayeed, Sana Safinaz and many more have their collections in the Delhi store.

Pakistani talent is unparalleled for, we know this. Adnan Sami, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Atif Aslam and Ali Zafar are a few of the Pakistani singers who have given Indian singers a run for their money. Ali Zafar, is in fact, a very sought after actor in Bollywood with movies like Kill Dil, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan and Tere Bin Laden in his kitty. Another actor who is ruling the hearts of Indian women is Fawad Khan. With his very royal debut in Khoobsurat, Fawad has engraved his name in many hearts. Humaima Malick, who debuted in Bollywood opposite Emraan Hashmi is also another Pakistani beauty making it big in the Indian film industry. In fact, with the resurrection of Lollywood, Humaima has paired with handsome hunk Sikander Rizvi to star in Dekh Magar Pyaar Say which is set to release on Pakistan’s independence day. Mikaal Zulfiqar, who played an important role in Akshay Kumar’s Baby, is also making waves in Bollywood. My personal favorite is Ayesha Omar, a fashionista in true sense, who is preparing for her upcoming movie, Karachi Se Lahore.

At what point did you think that I’m talking about a country many abhor? Pakistan is as normal as any other country.

  • A seven year old boy in Lahore is happy that he doesn’t have to go to school on 14th of August.
  • A 35 year old woman in Peshawar is busy making meals for the big dinner tonight.
  • A 62 year old man in Islamabad has brought gifts for his grandchildren.
  • A 28 year old woman in Karachi has just given birth to twins.
  • A 38 year old man in PoK in rearing sheep.
  • A 42 year old man in Gujranwala is selling sweets.
  • A 24 year old man in Lahore is in love.
  • A 20 year old woman in Multan is gushing over her new dress.
  • A 53 year old man in Islamabad is worried how he will manage to buy meals for his family.

Isn’t it familiar to you? Haven’t you experienced all these circumstances around you? Then why so much of hatred? Why blasting hate comments at strangers on Facebook and Twitter? Why blaming absolute strangers when you know nothing about them? Our struggles are same. Our victories are same. Our feelings are same.

We are totally aloof of the fact that Pakistan constitutes of people like us. People who have dreams. People who get scared. People who laugh. People who cry. People who win. People who lose. People who die. People who give birth. People who steal. People who give. All sorts of people. That is who we are. HUMANS. Not PAKISTANIS. Not INDIANS. But HUMANS.

I would love to hear your thoughts about Pakistan.

Much Love,


H ❤