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The Dark Room

Humid corners

Eerie noise

Intrigued by it all

I forget my poise

I traverse

Traverse into the room

Nothing appealing

Oh! It resembles a sad tomb

Yet a connection

A familiarity touches my heart

In spite of its ugliness

I just couldn’t depart

Nothingness filled it

Void and vacuum alike

Just like this heart

Which I call ‘mine’

The silence or the noise

Whatever you may call

This queer room is a canvas

Of my equally dead soul

Run! You may run

But I call it my own

Possessed in it completely

I can happily drown

H ❤️

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My Journal- Day 1

Life is what you make it. And we make it step by step, day by day.


Today was also a stepping stone towards something great. Yes, I’m a believer. I like to believe that something great is waiting for me. And if I don’t work for it today, I might miss on the opportunity.


My banker life is sort of an assignment. It is not what work I do. It is how I do it. And I choose to do it with integrity. Work is worship. That is going on in my mind right now. I’m serving the public. It is their money that we have deposited in our bank. And they have an absolute right to ask a hell lot questions. There shouldn’t be any chance for me to feel irritated. Instead, I should be more convincing.


And the battle to be convincing is eternal.


And then, there is team work. It is not what I expect it to be. Some of my co-workers inspire me, while some teach me valuable lessons.


But there is this voice that keeps telling me that I am an employee of the bank and I have the power to bring the CHANGE that I want!






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This Is Not The End Of The World!

As it happens, life isn’t easy after all. Or is it?


So, on the first anniversary of my blog, I want to write something GOOD! ‘Feel good’ types!


A couple of days ago, this thought crossed my mind- This is not the end of the world. This is so damn true! Like, just stress on it for a moment. If there is something bothering you right now, just think over it. Is it the end of the world?? Is it??!!!


No. Right? It is never the end of your own little world! Life is like a universe. Containing galaxies. Millions of them. And if there is something not going right in one of your galaxies, it ain’t gonna affect the others. Will it?


Car broke? Don’t wanna commute with public transport? Is it really a big problem? Or are you just exaggerating it in your own mind?


Got scolded by someone? Your teacher? Boss? Or whoever? And it is killing you from inside? You’re stressing over it so much that everything else has taken a backseat. Cool down, mate. Cool down. It’s just a bad day.


I know it’s hard. I know you are hurt. I know it feels like a dagger drawn through your heart. The rage is killing you. Your head is gonna burst. But, but, but! Breathe. Breathe deeply. And think over it. You are not that stupid to let something as meager as this take up all your time and energy. Unload the extra baggage, my friend. Time is a great healer! This too shall pass!


Cry if you wanna. Shout if you wanna. But do not let these minor setbacks get into your skin. Do not let these setbacks decide how your future is gonna be. Just let it go. Let it be! THIS IS REALLY NOT THE END OF YOUR WORLD!!! Your life is so much more than this!!!


P.S.– Thank you so much my WordPress fam for your support! It has been an incredible year! Met (well, virtually) so many beautiful souls! Also, I realized one of my longstanding dream of starting with a fashion blog. Finally, took the big step and here it is- Couture and Croissants 🙂 Immensely grateful to the almighty and to each one of you 🙂


Much Love,

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My Favorite Quotes

Like any other (normal) person, I love inspiring, beautiful quotes. This world has seen many great personalities who possessed a niche to make a difference. And they passed on their knowledge packed in a bunch of wise words; we call them ‘quotes’ ❤ Here are some of my favorites ❤


This quote by my idol Nelson Mandela is my most favorite ❤ I cannot express the feeling I get whenever I read it ❤ So much love ❤


-Khaled Hosseini (The Kite Runner) ❤
P.S. Hosseini is my favorite author ❤


-Khaled Hosseini (The Kite Runner) ❤




A victim of this problem 💔






-Anonymous ❤


-Anonymous ❤



These were a bunch of quotes I had in my phone. I will share some more in future ❤


H ❤