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You Were Perfect

The innocence of a child

Passion beyond wild

You were perfect

You were mine

A year passed

Then two

The fire within us fresh

You were perfect

You were mine

My belief in you

Was like a rock

As strong as our love

Then one day

You weren’t so perfect….

You weren’t mine anymore

You weren’t the truth I knew

You were someone beyond my dreams

You weren’t so perfect my dear

My heart shattered

Not because of your indifference

But because you were not the truth

Not the belief I had

You weren’t so perfect my dear

Oh! How I wish

I could open my heart to you

To show you how I look at you

As pure as a child

But, you weren’t so perfect my dear

Your lies hurt not because you lied

But because you need not to

Your every thought good or bad

I can take it as it is

You were so perfect my dear

You were my pride

My heartbeat that kept me going

I hope you to see you one day

As when I started to know you

You were so perfect my dear

So perfect.


H ❤️

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From where I stand

From where I stand

I see a rose

Dazzling in the sunlight

Engraved in poise

From where I stand

I see a perished leaf

A little life left

Magnificent in its grief

From where I stand

I see an empty pot

The mud in it calling

Leaves that have been left to rot

From where I stand

I can feel the wind

And the sunlight in full bloom

Sweeping off my untamed hair

Abundant warmth to decimate my gloom

From where I stand

I see a world

Where beliefs are engraved in hearts

From where I stand

I see a world

That does not follow the herd


H 💖

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Chronicles Of My Nana- 2

A day after my birthday, on September 17, he took me and my brother to a stationery shop to buy me gifts. I was a nerd and hence bought a cool Harry Potter exam cardboard and a few gel pens. I was in the seventh grade back then.


A year later, he took me to another stationery shop to buy me pens. We spent some half an hour there and in the end I bought an 8 rupees pen. He laughed at me saying that 8 rupees weren’t enough for the amount of hard work the shopkeeper put in to show me all kinds of pens.


He has the most childlike laugh. My nana, the most beautiful person I’ve ever met. He has got a hearing problem, but that isn’t an obstacle to us having fun. He cracks the funniest of jokes and laughs loudly. Oh! How I miss seeing him laugh.


Now, all he does is, ask me whether he will ever be able to go on shopping with me. And he’s waiting most eagerly for our Diwali shopping ritual. We would go to Jawahar nagar camp and buy packs and packs of dry fruits, biscuit packing, diyas, candles and what not!! We would also go to Ghumar Mandi and scan the whole market for some good Diwali gifts. Today, he told  me that he’s gonna miss all those fun moments this time.


I remember the time I had to leave for Bangalore. During my last moments in Ludhiana, he was so anxious, sad and what not that he was moving swiftly, here and there, began making tea for all of us and spilled it all over the kitchen!! It was all haywire for him. It was like, two best friends are separating. The feeling was, well, devastating…


He has had two operations when I wasn’t with him. He’s been sick for almost three months now. Totally drained of his energy. But still, sometimes, when he smiles, it’s like everything is back to normal.


This Sunday, he was telling me the stories of Jawaharlal Nehru and Dr. Manmohan Singh. It feels good to listen to him when he talks with great enthusiasm. Though he has been sick for a really long time, he still knows about what Modi and his government is doing in Kashmir. He was comparing the policies of Nehru and Modi. I love having these short and meaningful discussions with him.


For almost two years, I would take him to the bank every month to withdraw his pension. He would walk into my room exactly at 9:30 a.m. and we would reach the bank by 9:45 a.m. irrespective of the fact that it opened at 10 a.m.


In 2015 when I was hospitalized, he would visit me everyday in the morning. He’s someone I love looking at. You know, how sometimes you’re at absolute peace, you feel tranquilized. That’s the exact feeling I get when I look at him. He emanates optimism, his face has a soothing effect. I have put my feelings into a lot of words, but I don’t think I can ever do justice to how he makes me feel.


I love sitting beside him. It takes away all the tiredness of the day. He’s my strength and my weakness. I have spent all my life with him. And I want to live my life the same way. He would come at 4 in the evening and I would make coffee for both of us. He would drink it and then say, “Coffee is more beneficial than tea.”. And he wouldn’t say it one time or two times. Each time we have had a cup of coffee, he would say the same sentence!!! And then we both would laugh.


People say they get bored at home. They’ve got nothing to do. Well, I feel the most entertained at home because of my crazy little family. My grandparents (nana-nani) are the world’s best entertainers. Each day I would go to their place and we three would chat for hours.


My life is complete. Because I have the love which people yearn for. I have my nana. I have my nani.


P.S.- Click here to read some more amazing stories about my nana 🙂



H ❤️

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Why Mothers Are Great

So, in general, every mother is great. We can’t compare. But obviously, I have a little bias towards my mother because of the fact she gives me the best advice!


Why this sudden show of affection towards her? Well, last night I was a little agitated because someone said something very rude to me. I was complaining to her. But she said, “I’m gonna WhatsApp you a video. You are always complaining to me about others, worrying they criticized you, blasted at you etc. Do watch it.” And after that, she hung up the call.


And within no time, my phone beeped. It was that video. When I started listening to it, a whole lot of emotions started filling up my heart. I wanted to hug my mother. She never talks of revenge or lashing out at others, who did wrong to me. She always advise me to forget it. To concentrate on MYSELF.


It was a video of some motivational speaker who talked about how we are being a hurdle in our pathway to success. How? By getting bothered about people who talked ill about us, by making that bad experience or memory rule our mind. He talked about how a rocket goes up in the air by leaving parts of it behind, which gives it the thrust to fly high. In the same way, we all need to do away with all the negativity in our lives. Just let it go. There’s no good in thinking over it again and again. Make yourself free of all the chains of negative energies in your life.


Recently, I took the step of eliminating some negative energies that ruled my mind. And believe me, my life has been a lot better. It was possible only because of my mother. She tells me that there’s no good in surrounding yourself with negative people. She never talked ill of those people. Even I don’t bother about them. Some people are like that way. If they are doing something you would expect them do with someone else, don’t be shocked when they do that to you, too 🙂


CONCENTRATE on yourself! She tells me to work hard on myself and leave how others behave or talk or dress or whatever. For her, I am the topmost priority. When I’m all enraged, she listens to me patiently, never utters a single negative word, then calms me with her best advice.


I will be a mess forever. And she will work to declutter that mess, FOREVER 🙂




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A Love Story- 2

She shut the door.

It was a month ago that they met in a park. She was reading a Jane Austen novel. He was running. An old lady stumbled and fell on the ground. They both came and picked her up. It was the first time they saw each other.

She smiled.

It went on for a week, until he got the courage to finally ask her out.

On their first date, they went to an Italian restaurant. They had a good time.

She got to know that he was her best friend’s neighbor. How small the world is! She never met him before, even though she spent most of her time at her best friend’s place.

Two days later, they went to watch a movie. That’s when he wrapped his arms around her for the first time. She definitely felt a spark. She was beaming with joy. Her body had these very strange sensations. She never felt like this ever before. He made sure she was comfortable. Though, he wanted it to be the most romantic moment of her life.

It was getting dark. When they got home, she invited him in. He refused. She was disappointed.

Next week they met at the park, the same park. She was reading another novel; a Dan Brown novel. He was sitting beside her; his arm around her shoulder. The cool breeze was touching their body. They sat their for about an hour. Neither of them said a word.

Their next two dates were pretty romantic. He was being a gentleman. She was on cloud nine. She had never felt this way for anybody. She knew it. She wanted to know what he thought.

Then, one day, exactly a month after when they met for the first time in the park, he took her to the beach. She was sure. Damn sure.

They had a good time.

When they reached home, she asked him to join her for a cup of coffee. That’s when he popped a ring out of his pocket. She was taken aback. She knew it the whole time, that he was the one. But she didn’t know that he felt the same, too. Right at the door of her apartment, he asked her to marry him. She, obviously, said yes. It was the first time that they kissed. They were engaged!

And then, SHE SHUT THE DOOR! ❤


H ❤