The Distant Freedom

I met a boy,

Distressed beyond words,

Crying relentlessly,

His appearance was shabby.

It was my curiosity,

That led me to him.

“Why are you crying?

O! Little child?”

At first he was a bit startled.

Looked at me straight in the eyes.

Then a weak voice came out,

“Nothing… It’s nothing.”

Now that I observed him,


I couldn’t let him cry,


So, I gained a bit of courage,

To ask this weeping, innocent child,

The cause of his distress.

This time, 

He was less wary of me.

Somehow, we both connected.

A feeble voice struggled to say,

“Baba is beating maa..”

And there I was,


My hand on his shoulders,

I was speechless.

I was grappling with words.

What do I say?

How do I console?

How do I tell this little soul,

What his father is doing,

Is awry, beyond words..?

This guy lives a mile away,

From my neighborhood.

Fell in love,

With a damsel,

A heart that loved all.

People all around,


Love before marriage?

O! They were all embarrassed!!

Alas! Their love story,

Was short-lived.

Just like many,

We witness daily.

My friend had a dream,

To paint this world red,

The color of love.

She held her brush,

Dipped it in crimson pigment.

As soon as she took the brush out,

Her father held her hand,

Threw the brush away,

And placed a book there, instead.

She now lives a life,

In strife.

Disputes, her existence.

What was so wrong with the brush,


There’s a girl I see,

On the traffic signal, everyday.

Greets me with a huge smile,

And extends me a flower each time.

Wears a torn frock,

Always barefoot,

Hair gone blonde in the sun,

Skin, dry and broken…

I buy a rose from her,

For ten bucks,


I have bought a piece of bread for her.

And then we part ways,

Only to meet the next day.

I see, and I remain quiet.

I choose.

I choose to remain quiet.

Because I have the FREEDOM.


Domestic violence.

Well, I should remain in silence.

Two hearts,

Forced to be apart.

Sounds too amusing,

For a gossip to kickstart!

Dreams of youth,

Kept under wraps.

This word ‘freedom’ that they taught us,

Well, it was just a trap!

Children asking for money,

On the streets.

O! Poor thing.

I may as well give.

But taxes?

Eh! How can I give it a miss?

Freedom has come down to,

Being a relative word.

For some,

It is a right.

To some,

It doesn’t come,

Even after a fair fight.

Only those celebrate it,

Who overlook its true meaning.

For the real thing is,

Freedom has never been ours…


P.S.- Be it Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad or Jawaharlal Nehru; we Indians have always loved our country. Since past 70 years, we are celebrating what has gone by and keeping our eyes shut to what is happening. Winning our country back from the Britishers was not freedom. Doing anything that doesn’t harm anybody is freedom. And I’m sorry to say, that freedom has not arrived yet. So, why not work towards it? Why not work to make our beloved country an ideal country? Let’s leave all the apprehensions behind. Let’s unite in uniting this country towards the cause of love; love that has shaken the very being of the strongest of hatred prevailing in this world. For, we live only once and let’s unite to make this one life worth living 🙂


Happy independence day, my fellow Indians 🙂




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Things I Miss About Ludhiana

It has been a little more than two weeks since I moved to Bangalore and I still can’t adjust to the fact that I have left home… Each second reminds me of the trauma of surviving another nine months in this monstrous city. There’s only one thing that’s on my mind 24/7- I’M HOMESICK!!!!


So, what do I really miss about Ludhiana? Jotting down some of the reasons..


  1. MUM!! Obviously. She’s the love of my life. And all I can think about in this filthy place is about her. I have been sick for about a week and I don’t wanna go to the doctor because I’ve never been to one without mum by my side.. I miss having my evening tea with her.. I miss her knocking at my door, asking me to eat this or that.. I miss listening to old Bollywood songs with her.. I miss opening my heart out to her. Though, I still tell her every single thing that happens with me in Bangalore, but it is not the same. I want her to be with me…
  2. My dad, brother, nana, nani and all the other family members. One phone call and my dad would come rushing from the office to take me to some boutique or to shopping. One word and my brother would start the car and take me to long, meaningless drives. Those evening sessions with my nana where he would tell me about how his life turned out to be and how it would have been if he would’ve taken some other decisions. Those innumerable chats with my nani about her neighbor Bhalli (lol!). Her constant bickering about how she finds it hard to make dinner and all.
  3. My room. Every time I Skype at home, I ask everybody to show me my room. It was the most well-organised thing of my life. Each and everything kept at its right place, every piece of furniture well dusted, a book and my laptop lying on my bed 24/7. I miss those days.
  4. Asiana and Royal boutique. I have come to know the importance of these two, very integral parts of my life in these tormentous two weeks. Asiana boutique would design all my party dresses, impeccably. Whereas, Royal boutique would alter all the stuff I bought online.
  5. Online shopping. The moment I got dongle here, the second thing I did was go on to all the e-commerce websites and browse all the stuff that I used to buy. And they’ve got such hot winter stuff now!! I wanna cry!!
  6. PVR. I’ll be watching Bajirao Mastani and Airlift in Bangalore and not in PVR Flames or PVR Silver Arc 😦 I used to get very homely feel there. And here!! Disaster!!!
  7. As a matter of fact, I miss all the doctors I’ve ever been to in Ludhiana. I get very comfortable to the ones I go to, regularly. And here, I am scared. I miss Pancham hospital, the nearest one from my home.
  8. I miss Amritsar. I know it has nothing to do with Ludhiana, but earlier I could visit it whenever I wanted to. I dream about Amritsar… That’s the least I can say.
  9. I miss Pakhowal road, Ferozepur road, Model town, Sarabha Nagar, Ghumar Mandi and blah blah blah!! In short, I miss every inch of Ludhiana!!!
  10. Here, in Bangalore, wherever I go I see people smoking in public places. I think in a short span, my lungs will develop cancer! Ludhiana was decent when it came to this respect. You could spot smokers, but only a tiny bit of em!
  11. Travelling in buses and by foot has beaten the shit outta me!!! In coming days, I’ll become invisible if I keep on walking on these Bangalore roads!!! I miss my Activa and my car 😦 As my sister said, I am experiencing how a common man lives his life in India. My heart goes out to all those who live like this!!!
  12. I miss aloo and gobi ke paranthe!!! I miss sarson ka saag and makki ki roti!!! I miss the sambar-chawal my mum used to cook!! The food here is pathetic!!! I can’t find any paranthas here 😦 I miss makhan and ghee!! God!!! I miss Punjab!!!


Well, well, well!! This is what it is now! I’ve got to live like this for a long time, without the luxuries of Ludhiana. And by the way, I can very proudly say that Bangalore is nothing in front of Ludhiana!! And I am not being biased. No! Bangalore is beep beep beep!!





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We, The Antagonists!

I was supposed to go watch Bajrangi Bhaijaan today. But it got cancelled because of the terrorist attack in Gurdaspur. I’m frustrated.

Selfish, isn’t it? I know!

But what frustrates me more is the fact that some educated retards are blabbing unsavoury comments about a nation since morning. Now, our judicial system may take over THIRTY YEARS (you read that right!) to reach a verdict, but our fellow nationals have their own courts and reach their own gibberish verdicts in splitseconds.

Pakistan, Pakistan, Pakistan!!

Nawaz Sharif, Nawaz Sharif, Nawaz Sharif!!!

Hafeez Saeed, Hafeez Saeed, Hafeez Saeed!!!

And oh, how can I forget this one; Taliban, Taliban, Taliban!!!

We know it all!! We know how we, the undefiled victims, are being constantly harassed by our neighbouring nation!!

You noe what, this is just too frustrating a topic for me to write about. Because we have gone so profane and indifferent to the fact that humans are living on the other side too.

Why bloody curse the whole nation??!!!

And then they make fun of the peacemakers, ridiculing them as just seculars and humanitarians.

Control your evil minds, dear Indians. Control it before you too become an extremist!

RIP the victims of this very unfortunate terrorist attack in Gurdaspur.


H ❤