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For What Do I Fight

When the hope dies,

The good times fly by.

When the heart aches,

When the brain is tired.

No one cares,

But I still persevere.

For what?

For what do I fight?


My words are twisted,

My intentions intertwined with lies.

That’s what they think.

But I still fight.

I fight for a better tomorrow.

At what cost?

She cries.

She cares.

I give her a reason to whine.

For what do I fight?


I’ve lost years.

Lost my precious time.

And I wonder what time do I have?

To make my dream realise?

And then I ponder.

What was my dream?

For what I  fight?

Tell me.

For what do I fight?


I used to write.

I used to empathise.

Now it’s a saga of whining.

My heart aches.

My soul is tired.

How do I explain?

Whom should I explain it to?


Most importantly,

What do I explain?

I fight.

And I fight for what?

For what do I fight?


I do know that it is my life.

That they’re connected with me for a lifetime.

I care and, hence, don’t speak.

I speak and I break their pride.

I choose to be quiet.

But inside, I fight.

And then I wonder.

For what do I fight?


Don’t even get me started on self-doubt.

Don’t ask me about the worth of my life.

I question the very existence.

My existence isn’t worthwhile.

Yet, I fight.

Like a maniac.

For what do I fight?




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Sorry That I Failed You

Even the tears,

The ever flowing tears,

Have dried on my face,

Leaving indelible marks.


The pain in my heart,

Which evoked once,

Has gotten into my conscience,

I cry, I cry.


Oh! My Rohingya brothers,

My beautiful sisters,

And our innocent children,

I am sorry that I failed you.


They left you floating,

In lakes and rivers,


I could see you all helpless,

But all I could do was nothing..


Your feet bled,

Whilst you crossed the barbed wires,

Their gunshots piercing through your body,

Your cries, oh! your helpless cries.

I am deeply sorry, I failed you…


For days,

Your belly was without food,

Families lost,

Some completely washed,

In the Bay of Bengal.

I am sorry that I failed you.


Dear son, how we rejoiced,

The first day of your school,

Never a thought crossed our mind,

That it will be your death pool!


He stabbed you once,

He stabbed you twice,

I failed you little munchkin,

I silenced your beautiful voice.


They shot an ideology,

They shot her voice.

Dear Gauri Lankesh,

But why are you still alive?


Their only aim was,

To bury your alighted mind,

But little did they know,

They’ve alighted millions of lives.


Who are they?

Cut from the same cloth, right?

Members of the same family.

But lagging in foresight?


This world has enough pain,

Enough souls who are suffering.

Please stop adding to that number.

Please, enough with the plundering..


And all I can ask,

Is for your forgiveness.

It is my utterly shameless silence,

That has created a world so VICIOUS.


Asking for forgiveness,

H ❤️

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My Favorite Quotes

Like any other (normal) person, I love inspiring, beautiful quotes. This world has seen many great personalities who possessed a niche to make a difference. And they passed on their knowledge packed in a bunch of wise words; we call them ‘quotes’ ❤ Here are some of my favorites ❤


This quote by my idol Nelson Mandela is my most favorite ❤ I cannot express the feeling I get whenever I read it ❤ So much love ❤


-Khaled Hosseini (The Kite Runner) ❤
P.S. Hosseini is my favorite author ❤


-Khaled Hosseini (The Kite Runner) ❤




A victim of this problem 💔






-Anonymous ❤


-Anonymous ❤



These were a bunch of quotes I had in my phone. I will share some more in future ❤


H ❤