The Distant Freedom

I met a boy,

Distressed beyond words,

Crying relentlessly,

His appearance was shabby.

It was my curiosity,

That led me to him.

“Why are you crying?

O! Little child?”

At first he was a bit startled.

Looked at me straight in the eyes.

Then a weak voice came out,

“Nothing… It’s nothing.”

Now that I observed him,


I couldn’t let him cry,


So, I gained a bit of courage,

To ask this weeping, innocent child,

The cause of his distress.

This time, 

He was less wary of me.

Somehow, we both connected.

A feeble voice struggled to say,

“Baba is beating maa..”

And there I was,


My hand on his shoulders,

I was speechless.

I was grappling with words.

What do I say?

How do I console?

How do I tell this little soul,

What his father is doing,

Is awry, beyond words..?

This guy lives a mile away,

From my neighborhood.

Fell in love,

With a damsel,

A heart that loved all.

People all around,


Love before marriage?

O! They were all embarrassed!!

Alas! Their love story,

Was short-lived.

Just like many,

We witness daily.

My friend had a dream,

To paint this world red,

The color of love.

She held her brush,

Dipped it in crimson pigment.

As soon as she took the brush out,

Her father held her hand,

Threw the brush away,

And placed a book there, instead.

She now lives a life,

In strife.

Disputes, her existence.

What was so wrong with the brush,


There’s a girl I see,

On the traffic signal, everyday.

Greets me with a huge smile,

And extends me a flower each time.

Wears a torn frock,

Always barefoot,

Hair gone blonde in the sun,

Skin, dry and broken…

I buy a rose from her,

For ten bucks,


I have bought a piece of bread for her.

And then we part ways,

Only to meet the next day.

I see, and I remain quiet.

I choose.

I choose to remain quiet.

Because I have the FREEDOM.


Domestic violence.

Well, I should remain in silence.

Two hearts,

Forced to be apart.

Sounds too amusing,

For a gossip to kickstart!

Dreams of youth,

Kept under wraps.

This word ‘freedom’ that they taught us,

Well, it was just a trap!

Children asking for money,

On the streets.

O! Poor thing.

I may as well give.

But taxes?

Eh! How can I give it a miss?

Freedom has come down to,

Being a relative word.

For some,

It is a right.

To some,

It doesn’t come,

Even after a fair fight.

Only those celebrate it,

Who overlook its true meaning.

For the real thing is,

Freedom has never been ours…


P.S.- Be it Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad or Jawaharlal Nehru; we Indians have always loved our country. Since past 70 years, we are celebrating what has gone by and keeping our eyes shut to what is happening. Winning our country back from the Britishers was not freedom. Doing anything that doesn’t harm anybody is freedom. And I’m sorry to say, that freedom has not arrived yet. So, why not work towards it? Why not work to make our beloved country an ideal country? Let’s leave all the apprehensions behind. Let’s unite in uniting this country towards the cause of love; love that has shaken the very being of the strongest of hatred prevailing in this world. For, we live only once and let’s unite to make this one life worth living 🙂


Happy independence day, my fellow Indians 🙂




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To The Angel In Jannah

Your demeanor,

Your smile,

Your eyes,

And your heart’s might.

This world has seen all.

Beautiful Angel,

Rest in peace.


A child’s cry,

A dog’s whine.

Your heart saw pain,

And did best to rectify.


Our eyes are full.

Tears that won’t stop flowing.

What have you done, Angel?

Oh dear, Angel!

Left us in absolute abyss..


But you are a beacon,

A beacon of hope,

A beacon of love,

Who not only taught us,

But engraved in us,

The true meaning of humanity.


Up there, you will witness,

A miracle.

A miracle you gave birth to.

People loving people.

Parents loved by children.

Women flying high.

Sick, far away from dying.


You ignited this fire.

We will carry it forward.

Oh dear, Angel!

Thank you for being you.

The truest form of humanity.


Why do I feel,

A part of you in me?

Why do I feel,

You taking care of me?


These borders they created,

Are meaningless, my Angel.

You lived in a forbidden land,

But I feel you right here.


Mercy; you gave birth to this word.

Oh dear, Angel of Mercy.

Humanity, taught by many,

But it is you who personifies it.


What is happening in this world?

Dear Angel, show us a path,

To eliminate this hatred.

Humans killing humans.

Dear Angel, we need you…



You’ve done your part.

Done enough for us to realize,

That no one is an enemy.

Now it is up to us,

To love,

Love beyond the man-made ambit…


Thank you dear Angel,

You are my shining star..


P.S.– World after 8 July, 2016 is not the same. We’ve lost the greatest of great, the man who embraced humans as they are, irrespective of their identity as we know it, Abdul Sattar Edhi. Edhi sahib was what we can only dream of. For him, humans were his family. He knew love and hence, gave it exorbitantly. Animals were as dear to him as us, humans. He couldn’t see anyone in pain. From nothing, he built an empire; an empire of love, humanity and mercy. He was a father to millions. He fed millions. He, who defied all odds to serve the very purpose he was sent into this world. We all are sent into this world to help each other. So, let us all follow the path he showed us all. Defy all boundaries that we’ve constructed around us and give as much as we can. Anything that can comfort an ailing heart, give it. Comfort others. Love them. I think, that would be a real tribute to the greatest philanthropist of our time.


Forever in my heart.




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That Forbidden Land

Does this bird fly,

High in the sky,

In that forbidden land?

I wonder…


Children go to school.

Their bags stacked with books.

Mothers make breakfast.

In that forbidden land.

I wonder?


Did she marry,

The man of her dreams?

Did she go out,

To pursue her dreams?

In that forbidden land,

I wonder?


Friends going on long drives.

Girls giggling in posh cafes.

Ladies gossiping on streets.

Does this happen for real?

In that forbidden land,

I wonder?


That forbidden land,

Have swathes of paddy fields.

Children sleeping on footpaths,

It also has a bunch of women,

Who set an example for humanity.


That forbidden land,

Have grandpas and grandmas,

Who tell bedtime stories,

To children just like ours.


Can I join them too?

Can I be a part of their dreams?

Can I not understand their feelings?

In that forbidden land,

I wonder…


Our history the same,

Our ancestors fought for the same cause.

But we fail to identify,

That our existence rests upon love.


We bicker and fight,

Trying to bring each other down.

For past sixty years, what have we reaped?

Come on, give me an answer?


Kids cry, wail and then laugh.

Kids, theirs and ours.

What difference is it,

That makes them our enemies?

In that forbidden land,

I wonder?


Heer is befuddled,

To which side she lost her lover?

Ranjha roams in every street,

Which world stole from him his Heer?


Put your hand on your heart.

And then think it through.

Would you like the same hate?

The abuse you shower at them?


What is their fault?

What did they do?

Because of a bunch of politicians,

Billions of us suffer.


Born in the same land.

Our problems, the same.

Then instead of sympathy,

Why so much of hatred?


We humans will bring Doomsday,

Soon, very soon.

Why don’t we then bring in love?

And let those wounds soothe?


That forbidden land,

The land we all belong to

That forbidden land,

Is waiting for you, too…





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O Dear Khaled!

O Dear Khaled!
What have you done?
The far off land,
Seems like a fairy world.

And the markets.
Hazara boys and girls,
How can I forget?

The stories of gins,
Or the Kite flying.
You remind me of a time,
That will never come by.

You broke my heart,
With the tales of broken hearts.
But you gave me hope,
With the transformation of Amir Jan!

Miriam enlightened my soul,
That women are shackled in a hole.
Laila was the proof
You can’t contain us under a roof!

You taught me loyality,
When a Hazara died for his master.
You taught me the ultimate truth
When Baba Jan spoke of stealing as the biggest brute!

Take me to that mountain,
Where stands a lone pomegranate tree.
It is not about Paris, California or Kabul.
It is about how a soul sets itself free!

The Kite Runner,
Runs for the love of Amir Jan.
But salvation was achieved,
When Amir opened his own arms!

A thousand splendid suns,
Your heart is pure, Khaled.
And the mountains echoed,
Forever grateful for your these three epics ❤



H ❤

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The Heaviest Coffins

16 December, 2014. 6:35 a.m. Peshawar, Pakistan

Ammi, today I need,

Biryani in my lunch box.

Fizza will bring korma,

And we’ll have a feast.


Did you pack my,

Mathematics notebook?

Because today,

We will finish the syllabus.


Exams are approaching,

Class tests will be hectic.

I need to buy a reference book,

for Social Science, too.


16 December, 2014. 7:00 a.m. Peshawar, Pakistan.

Ammi, I am going.

Keep my red salwar-kameez ready.

I want to look like Humaima,

At Zehra khala‘s party, this evening.


16 December, 2014. 5:10 p.m. Peshawar, Pakistan.


Ammi, I didn’t even get to taste,

The yummy biryani that you made.

They shot at me, relentlessly.

I bled the color of my red dress…


But, Ammi, don’t cry…

Just hold me in your arms..

I want to sleep deeply…

Bid me a warm goodbye.. PLEASE




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9/11- How It Changed Everything

It was 14 years ago, that the United States of America and the world witnessed the most horrifying terrorist attack.

It was 14 years ago, that the world became aware of the atrocious and notorious Taliban regime and its head, Osama Bin Laden (OBL). 

It was 14 years ago, that the world saw the most cruel face of America.

It was 14 years ago, that the world changed, completely!

9/11 may have took place in the U.S., but the ripples of it were felt all over the world. Nobody was spared. The official estimate of the death toll is said to be around 3,000. But the collateral damage that took place in the aftermath of 9/11, is in the millions.

9/11 sends shivers down the spine; planes hijacked, crashed in the twin World Trade Towers in the New York skyline. Firefighters, army, police and anybody and everybody coming to the rescue of a few survivors of this highly-planned and ghastly attack by the Taliban.

Bush administration ordered the invasion of Afghanistan, a country which was recovering from the ruthless invasion by the Soviet Union and witnessing the rise of brutish Taliban regime who imposed strict Islamic laws. Afghans haven’t lived in peace since the seventies. And the next decade, after 9/11, was also devoid of peace.

The U.S. armed forces were sent to Afghanistan in the hunt of OBL. Whereas, it took ten years to find him, not in Afghanistan but Pakistan, the country paid for it, a lot. Drone attacks killed many innocent Afghans and the Taliban made sure that they never escape to lead a peaceful life. While both the warring parties, the U.S. and the Taliban, were completely engrossed in war, Afghans wanted to LIVE.

India, which was at loggerheads with the U.S. after its nuclear test in Pokhran, came under attack in 2001, when the Parliament was made target by the terrorists. The U.S., which till now, had faith in Pakistan, knew that it could trust India. Both terrorist attack victim countries, India and the U.S., came closer and are now strategic partners. In fact, Bush administration worked vehemently to improve ties with India and also signed the famous 2005 Nuclear Deal with the Manmohan Singh government.

Pakistan, which was overwhelmed with the huge influx of refugees from Afghanistan, was also affected by 9/11. The U.S. used Pakistan to attack the Afghan Taliban. But later, when the Taliban feared a complete wipe-out by America, migrated to Pakistan. The impact of it can be felt in the Swat valley and Peshawar, where the December 16 attack by Taliban shows just how powerful it is.

Iraq was also not spared. Its leader Saddam Hussein was hunted down when America invaded Iraq. Saddam Hussein was killed ultimately. But what happened next, is a big cause of worry for the world in 2015. The Sunni-led Saddam Hussein government was toppled by the Shias. The Sunnis of Iraq are the ones who have formed the most notorious and deadly terrorist group of 2015, ISIS.

Muslims all over the U.S. had to live in the constant fear of being tracked down and implicated for terrorism charges post 9/11. Racist attacks in the U.S. have increased tenfold, with Muslims and Sikhs being targeted frequently for the deeds of the Taliban.

9/11 was an unfortunate attack not only for the U.S., but also for the world, which is still coming to terms with the aftermath of it.



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We, The Antagonists!

I was supposed to go watch Bajrangi Bhaijaan today. But it got cancelled because of the terrorist attack in Gurdaspur. I’m frustrated.

Selfish, isn’t it? I know!

But what frustrates me more is the fact that some educated retards are blabbing unsavoury comments about a nation since morning. Now, our judicial system may take over THIRTY YEARS (you read that right!) to reach a verdict, but our fellow nationals have their own courts and reach their own gibberish verdicts in splitseconds.

Pakistan, Pakistan, Pakistan!!

Nawaz Sharif, Nawaz Sharif, Nawaz Sharif!!!

Hafeez Saeed, Hafeez Saeed, Hafeez Saeed!!!

And oh, how can I forget this one; Taliban, Taliban, Taliban!!!

We know it all!! We know how we, the undefiled victims, are being constantly harassed by our neighbouring nation!!

You noe what, this is just too frustrating a topic for me to write about. Because we have gone so profane and indifferent to the fact that humans are living on the other side too.

Why bloody curse the whole nation??!!!

And then they make fun of the peacemakers, ridiculing them as just seculars and humanitarians.

Control your evil minds, dear Indians. Control it before you too become an extremist!

RIP the victims of this very unfortunate terrorist attack in Gurdaspur.


H ❤